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If you want to increase and build targeted traffic quickly – (and who doesn’t) – start with this powerful tip, in 3 simple steps. If you are a global organization, receiving incoming traffic from across the world, this may be a bigger task, but even more targeted traffic can be had.

Try this:


Review the keyword reports that are non-branded (exclude company name, and “obvious” searches) in your Google Analytics or web analytics package. You can do this by running the report with an exclude filter (for obvious terms) option. If using GA – it’s at the bottom of your report when selecting “Keywords”. GA is free, and an awesome data insights and tracking tool you should already have on your web-pages. Don’t use existing webserver analytics, it’s baby-stuff compared to a proper tool.


Now, look at the keywords driving traffic over time. Do any keywords/phrases stick out that are repetitive, and counts more than, say 3-4 words? Look at groups of keywords driving traffic. Are there specific pages specifically built for it? (Or, is it more of an ‘accident’)?


Create new pages for those keywords, link them (pages) together with your site – and do some more keyword research to try to find other opportunities with even more traffic, and for less competitive keywords. Build out more content with “themed” keywords, and you’ll rank and drive traffic a lot faster.

Have you done this for your site? Or, are you trying to rank for impossible keywords? Leverage your existing data!


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