There is an area of the Google backoffice support system that is unknown to many learning about SEO. And, as recently as last week, Google launched an update to this system, and they want to talk to you.

It’s also the easiest and fastest way you can get your site synch’ed with Google, and where you can get statistics and feedback directly from the Google search engine — from crawling and indexing updates, error and verification issues, sitemap submissions.

Furthermore, it provides a detailed reporting system and expanded lists for your backlinks (link popularity), which normally is not shown via the Google searchbox. (That is the ‘link:’ command)

Go read at: & and click the “Go to webmaster tools” link on the right of that page to sign up.

Understand that you must have access (FTP or otherwise) to your site to make it “verify” (a process that lets Google know its your site).

Sitemaps, both on your site (HTML) and via the Google Webmaster Console (XML) is an easy and important way to manage your site with Google.

This is true for existing sites, new sites and it is an awesome tool for dealing with moving domains and updating Google correctly in the process.

You need to build your XML sitemap to submit.
A great tool is for starters, and you should read more about the initiative from the giants at (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo).

Reading the webmaster guidelines on all the search engines is important if not vital to ethical SEO success, and they keep updating the information.

How do you keep track of webmaster changes?
A cool tool to keep yourself updated when things change is: — just input keyword/phrases you are watching out for, and you’ll receive an email message weekly, daily or as-it-happens. (Try adding your own name too!)


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