Enforcement of privacy laws and related online management services to protect you is big business. (Lifelock, for example).

But what do you do if your personal whereabouts is known “at all times” and you can be exposed for way more than just data? (your life).

What if you are using the hugely popular iPhone? A recent announcement this past week showed us that Apple can track your location via their device. Then, they said that you can turn it off (only if you know how). Now it’s (allegedly) not so.

Now, it turns out your screwed either way?

Even when location services are not enabled, your iPhone will still collect and store location data – Huffington Post (Via WSJ).

Now, some will think of this as more sinister and invasive than others.  The main challenge Apple has to deal with is to properly defend and show their case. People fear they can be searched at anytime, and that their location data can be used against them.

Both Google & Apple are big on (legal) privacy laws and they have you sign documents when buying these devices. Perhaps you feel safe when adding your name to those documents. But, if Apple (and Google) break their own laws with this “intrusion” option, they’ll have more than privacy advocates chasing after them. They’ll lose customers.

How does it impact your life? Do you care?


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