Why working hard is not good enough

Are you working hard for a living?

Of course, you are.

Are you working many hours to provide for your family? Sure.

And, are you slaving away at your day-job, only thinking about ways to exit THAT job, and start another?

Perhaps (many are, studies show).

Finally – if asked what you do – you’ll share your job title and explain that you have worked for many years at the auto-dealership, the restaurant, the financial firm, the doctor’s office, the lawfirm, the software company, etc, etc — DOING the work required of you.

For this, you get paid a salary, and if you are in the base average earnings range, at least in the USA – it starts at about $35,000 dollars a year. That seems like a tough road – and it is.

Are you ready for a surprise? Your hard work is not good enough… IF you want to change your lifestyle and make your future much brighter than it is today.

Sounds a bit harsh, perhaps – so let me go back in time a little.

We all had to start somewhere. And, that somewhere was joining the ranks of others in the educational system. From kindergarten on through to college (hopefully) and up (more advanced schooling) or some other direction (skipping most education, and running of to DO (i.e. ‘work’) at some job.) BTW, a big disclaimer here: I’m talking about the average person here – you and me. Not special cases.

So, why the BIG intro and somewhat ‘direct tone’?

Turns out that DOING is not going to do much for you in your life, if you want to become successful. You need to become the catalyst for change by providing the thing that ALL businesses want most: how to attract more clients, customers, patients, etc.

See, if you wish to get more, then become more by figuring out how you can create more value for a business as a marketing expert. And, you must educate & inspire others in the organizations you deal with to become the same, or at least think it. The administrative assistant should be thinking this just as much as the CEO or Marketing VP. Incidentally, I’m no “saint”: I worked hard at jobs for many years and always hit the ceiling on how much I could make. I always wondered why. I have found the answers.

See your product, widget or service is a by-product of the REAL THING: customers that are attracted to you by virtue of your excellent marketing, positioning in the marketplace you serve (yes, you have to be specific to the WHO before anything). And, you don’t need a million Twitter followers or be highly visible like a Brad Pitt.

It’s interesting to note that a marketer with client attraction strategies that work,  can own *any* business. (Outside of the ones requiring degrees (like a doctor for example)). That means that they can move around from business to business and help them build their own, and get paid handsomely for it.

Is that you?

It may be time to start thinking about moving from a DOER to a MARKETER. How about it? 


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