How’s your social media experience going? Are you having fun with it? Are joining, listening, engaging? Enjoying the huge cocktail-party of the web, are you?

Social media is simply ‘media that is social’.

The two-way communication and interaction using social networks is a must in today’s online world (if you want to live under a rock, that’s your choice). This ‘new’ way of operating is true for both personal and business. (Interestingly enough, lots of searches exist for “how to delete my Facebook” account, and many requests come from mobile devices).

But, if you find a social network and a community you can belong to, exchange & share ideas, and get help from, you’re way ahead.

In business, it’s the same. But, I still see the “one-way” communication approach. They push all their ideas, products in one direction and expect people and prospects to engage with them. They don’t.

You should change by opening up a bit more, and use social media tools that will make things easier.

Sure, the tools are not the first thing to consider when powering up your social media engine. But, if you’ve been at this a little bit, you might need some help to streamline your work and approach.

If you have been using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (B2B), you may have found that swapping between each of these platforms and tools take up too much time.

Enter hootsuite.

The free version will get you most of what you need, but there is a monthly subscription for when you want to move it to the next level. You can schedule posts, you can distribute posts across multiple platforms all at once. You can pull from RSS feeds and let it schedule your posts for you. The key is to provide useful, relevant information to your communities. You should consider pulling RSS feeds from your marketplace, and try the 80/20 rule – “20% about you, 80% FOR them”.

And, with the hootlet browser bar application, you’ll be well on your way to mastering your social media. As you browse, you simply click the little icon to share that link and story.

What tools are you using for your social media “find & distribute” strategy?

===> DOWNLOAD a free hootsuite installation and use tips guide (FREE) (PDF)


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