Looking for the next exit to a better place?

We all have the same time in a day.

The 24 hours is the same for billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet – and the less affluent.

That same time period doesn’t change for anybody… it is a universal law. If you travel to another country – the timezone may change, but it’s still 24 hours.

You may choose to look at it with more detail (24 hrs * 60 minutes * 60 seconds = 24 hrs * 3600 seconds = 86400 seconds) – but you cannot expand or shrink time.

Since that is true – what do you choose to do with it?

What makes one persons time more ‘valuable’ than the other?

I can tell you what its NOT.

First, the obvious answer is that the person who is paid more has packaged and built more value into themselves, their business and their brand (reputation, trust, authority). They are able to deliver more quality value to help others solve their problems – and get paid well for it.  That is important.

However, you should be smart about it.

Instead of looking at others who are ‘doing it’, ‘making it’ – follow and implement from a few key mentors and coaches that you admire and get value from.

Ask yourself: am I getting closer to my goals or wasting time (and myself) by not taking action?

Do you really need another Business Immersion Package, a Breakthrough Branding Blueprint, A Breakthrough Sales System, A Scientific Breakthrough Results Formula, or A Business Vision Multiplier, or the latest gadget to fill your time?

Are you pushing away your OWN inevitable breakthrough by wishing you had less problems, or that you were somebody else? No, wish you were better, as the late Jim Rohn would say.

SO: stay on course, but implement what you’ve learned now and use your time better. Start by changing one thing in your day that YOU KNOW is wasting you and your time. (TV, anybody?)


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