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Est. 1996

Based on the thousands of websites and businesses I’ve helped since 1996, the most prevalent question I get is: “how do I grow my business online, without the client-getting headaches?”

Since then, I’ve helped small and large businesses with their online growth. Yes, lots have changed as far as tools, systems and technologies. But, there are key fundamental, consistent points that have not changed at all. You probably know it – it’s called “human nature”. I’ve shared some critical elements of the essence of marketing and communications with you in the special report above (and that you downloaded), so I won’t go deep on this here.

Social Media No Longer A Fad

Today, we are more connected than ever before, and SOCIAL MEDIA is no longer a fad (if it ever was). It’s everywhere. It’s here to stay. In truth, it existed in 1996 also when I first came online – but it took the form of bulletin boards, niche directories and specialized forums – and yes, even email.

Your Leverage Is Real

This system that I’ve developed over time has recently been put together in a training and coaching format. Based on feedback, most feel like they don’t want to do it all themselves. They want a mentor to guide them, and “make” them see and get the results. That is unique today. Most try to just sell you a “golden package” and then leave you in the dust, and sell you more digital products you don’t need.

You deserve more than that, and the constant struggle to acquire more clients has to end!

Your Results

My goal is to share some of the key insights I’ve learned, and to teach you how to get a consistent stream of high quality, high paying customers, clients and patients. My guarantee is that you don’t have to worry about the client attraction part and NO LONGER will you ask: “how do I get more clients?” — ever again.

“We have used and applied strategies and tactics Jon recommended with great success,
and recommend other clients to him because of his experience and results. I cannot
thank you enough.” T. Gerber, CEO, Velocity

“I got 3,000 new followers and 8 new request for quotes in a little over 30 days. Thank you!” – J.Rogers, SMB Owner

“Jon has extensive expertise in all aspects of business, social media and gets results.
I highly recommend him and his work.” – Tim Phillips, Yahoo

“Jon & team has been extremely generous in providing me valuable advice that helped
me move beyond roadblocks in my consulting business.” – L. Li, Manager, Salesforce.com

“He will shoot straight with you and will tell you want you need to hear, not what you want
to hear. Great person and industry guru in the truest sense. – F. Moura, CEO Zero Point

“I have known and worked with him for more than a year now, and recommend him
whole-heartedly. – Lorrie Thomas – Author, Trainer – Mcgraw-Hill Companies

The best way to learn is to consume information in a variety of ways. Therefore, I’ve packaged this into a series of videos, with worksheets and special access to me  — which is also recorded (audio, video). This is the best deal and makes it more affordable.

When you click below, you’ll get immediate access to your first lesson, including the downloads for it. (You can take this with you as you travel too. There is also an installment option for you as well.)

[ez_box title=”100% GUARANTEE: My ‘CRAZY’ Money Back Policy:” color=”red”]
If during this first session you don’t see incredible value and results, I will refund your money ASAP, and 100%. You don’t even need a reason. Just quietly send a ticket to support, and that’s it – no hard feelings. Plus, you can keep the materials that was shipped to you, including access to my ELITE member’s area for another 30 days. (I charge $197.00/month for this alone). I want to take all the risk, and show you how I work. It’s how good business is done.

In fact, if you use my strategies for another 60 days (beyond the initial 30 days), get NO results, just document what you did. If it follows my steps exactly and it still didn’t work … I’ll pay YOU $300.00 via a check on top of the existing refund. Yeah, that’s nuts… but I know it works, and I’m willing to stick my neck out for you.

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(This is a personal program valued at over $2,500.00
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Act fast, time is running out. This is not a fake scarcity thing…I can only take a limited amount.

In addition, we reserve the right to decline any business that we’re personally uncomfortable with. This includes porn, sexual enhancement, speed-seduction, gambling, spam operations or any other questionable models.