With the rapid advancement of social media, tools, technologies, and people on-boarding the Web, it’s easy to forget the basics of what works for business. The next “shiny object” is always there, right in front of you. It comes in many different forms. For example, if somebody wants to display their personal money / checks online and how much came in last month or quarter, then hype it 110%, while they get their friends to affiliate market it for you – that’s their choice.

The creation of the “get rich quick” schemes are huge on the Internet, and the messages come fast and furious. Sure, there are many ways to market and make money online, but when it comes to what has had the longest success (and always will) … it’s content, and in the form of writing. And, even rich media (video, audio) has to be planned, written, produced and deployed. Why not learn the essentials to content creation – starting with how to write  for the web?

Here are the “essential 6” to writing success online.

Personally, I don’t get any writing awards for my work. I’m not a master writer. So, why do I keep writing? Three reasons. I love it, and the users and search engines love it, and – it keeps me thinking & producing in my marketplace – it keeps me “fresh”. (and I learn more as I go)…

So, as you can see – even with a no-writer background …. it’s possible! However, there are tons of materials available online to consider when looking to start your writing. In fact, it’s massive. However, when it comes to quality, there is one source you should review first. Check it out:

Write For The Web

This is one of the “destination” sites for writing for the web. Content drives the web, and you should know how to do it if you want to be successful online. Sure, you can outsource there too, but don’t put a blind eye to it – just because “I’m not a writer”, or “I cannot write”. You already know how – because you can speak!

Here are the 6 key areas you’ll learn. You’ll find out:

  1. Why you already have the skills you need to become a professional freelance writer.
  2. The bare bones of what you need to get started.
  3. How to land your very first client ever. And the one after that. And the one after that.
  4. What to tell potential clients when you’re writing a proposal. And what to tell them when they accept.
  5. How to organize your freelance business so that when you get clients, you won’t freak out or miss deadlines or do anything else that clients hate.
  6. What clients hate. Learn the “insider secrets” on what clients hate. And how to be the freelance writer they love.

Write for the Web is value-packed (aff), with over 85 pages chock-full of wit, wisdom, and insider secrets that teach you how to become a freelance writer – a confident one ready to take on clients.”

It would be cool to see more great content produced by you. You CAN do it!


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