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Infographics are sizzlin’ hot these days!

It can generate massive attention for you, including fast top search engine rankings, but you need to keep adding them.

Infographics can help you earn lots of visitors, money, and help you become successful online much faster than without it.

The concept of viral sharing and wide distribution on the ‘net is powerful, and these types of documents can do it.

Quality is always a concern, but if done right – you’ll get a lot of mileage for your brand.

“Porkchops and bacon, my two favorite animals.” – Homer Simpson

It is essentially a way to represent an interesting topic and condensed into very informative, readable, shareable, exciting and quick snippet for your visitors. Check out results in Google for that term, for even more examples. But, how have others used this?

Why are Infographics so Hot?

Imagine reading the history about bacon. What would you prefer:  A 2,000 word article on the topic, or a short 2-5 minute scan with visual elements that you can easily digest and bookmark? (See below for an example of this on the bacon story).

I would prefer an infographic, and perhaps short supplemental text – if I needed it. For SEO (search engine optimization), you’ll often see this used to allow folks to share it, talk/write about it, and with a link back to the original site. Link popularity is important for search engine visibility.

Mint.com – before they were picked up by Intuit (Quickbooks) – used this approach on their blog. They used infographics and social media to get to top of Google for very competitive terms (example: personal finance software), and did it in a very short time.

Their strategy was based on the concept of creating innovative ways to present “boring” finance topics in a new way. Infographics to the rescue! You can check out their blog to take a look.

Infographic describes “what infographics can mean”

It’s good to send some link love back to the creators. Here’s how you do it. Grab the HTML code (hopefully the infographic you are sharing has the embed code ready), and just paste it into your page. (below, I just copied it from the site).

Here it is – “bringing home the bacon”. Can you do the same? Sure. Outsource it. Go to elance.com or odesk.com – there is amazing talent to get it done. However, you need to create a hook, do your research, and test it out.

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Nice social media angle overview of “what is an infographic” on Slideshare


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