A Different Facebook Ad Template That Rocks

In this video, I’ll teach you a different way to create your Facebook ad. This will help you attract better clicks and draw attention in from your perfect prospect, customer. You can download the template guide and learn how to do this yourself. Here’s the Facebook Ads Template video: After you’ve watched this, you can…

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How To Sell More Using Facebook Ads (Retargeting)

Today’s post is about sales. Selling. Value. Differentiation. Exchanging value for money…so you can grow more, better, faster. Watch the “how to sell using Facebook ads video” now: We’re going to talk about Facebook advertising once again. A Functional Sales Model If you are struggling to sell on Facebook and via your ads, it’s most likely because…

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How To Create A Celebrity Status With Facebook Ads

Question: How do you get your message seen by millions? Would you like to get a celebrity-like status for your own business? There is a way to hack your way to ‘celebrity-dom’ with unique Facebook advertising tricks. Here’s the video that explains how to create celebrity status with Facebook ads: Promotion With a solid promotional…

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How To Perfectly Target Facebook Ads

This is the latest presentation on how to get better results from targeting within the Facebook ads platform. Watch the “How To Target Facebook Ads Perfectly” A question we get often is this: “How do we best target our Facebook ads”? The idea that you present a message to a target audience is well known…

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The Really Bad News About Facebook Advertising

What? Facebook Advertising? Facebook ads and the entire ads platform can seem like hell on earth at times. In fact, you are probably struggling with the whole idea right now. Watch the negative Facebook ads video: As a business owner, marketer and entrepreneur, you’re excited to share your message, your products, your services – your…

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Starting Facebook Ads The Right Way

Watch the presentation on Facebook Ads done the right way: Summary: “When it comes to Facebook Ads, most get it wrong from the start.” – Jon Rognerud However, it’s not about the tools or the platform. It’s about the fact that most business owners don’t consider the REAL keys to success…before starting anything online! In this…

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how to write ads that work for facebook

How To Write Ads That Work For The Facebook Ads Platform

Using the Facebook advertising platform is pretty straight-forward. You set up the account, create an ad campaign and type, upload an image, write some text, set your targets, location & budget and… off you go. Then, sit back, wait and hope. That’s how thousands of advertisers start out. But, they quickly discover that while Facebook…

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How To Setup A Facebook Ad – Page Post Engagement – Local Advertising

In this short training video on Facebook advertising, you’ll learn a step-by-step approach to setting up Facebook ads, and specifically page post engagement ads. One of the core keys to success with advertising on Facebook is hyper-targeting, and you’ll see an example of this for a local market. In truth, Facebook ads team has made…

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New Facebook Advertising Webinar With Online Marketer and FB Un-Guru Jon Rognerud

When it comes to building a business online in 2013, there is nothing like Facebook and the advertising system they provide. In this upcoming webinar, I will explain how you can drive big traffic and leads to your Facebook pages using Ad strategies you may not be familiar with.

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How You Can Impress Yourself With Your Facebook Advertising (Must Include These 5 Things)

Much has been written about Facebook Advertising and how to get peak performance from your efforts. (here’s one of the Top Facebook Advertising Tips. Interview with Jennifer Sheahan, Facebook Expert Extraordinaire.) In fact, I G’d that phrase today and it returned over 2 million references (check). However, it’s not your job to figure out which…

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