Tom Cruise in Toronto in December 2008
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We all are caught in it – massive bombardment of advertising and specially designed copywritten messages every day – radio, tv, magazines, internet, etc. While driving, travelling – just walking around will subject you to this information, whether you like it or not.

The advertising experts and copywriting professionals all want to make a change in your (buying) behavior and preferences.

When you walk into to a store, or online – you’ll select the product as if you’ve already known it all along.

While initially it may not seem necessarily evil or targeted per se, most all of us have seen the Minority Report movie and Tom Cruise being used with the eye-to-person matching technology. In Japan, this is already under way. Talk about target messaging – and yes, now it’s getting scary.

A study was done to reverse this trick of subliminal messaging. The targets were two high-flying advertising executives in England.

You will learn the trick in this video – but – you have to wait until the end. It’s pretty extraordinary- and it works! You can use this for your own.

>> Check it out here on YouTube. (Advertising Execs Get Beaten Back) *Watch the video closely (at the beginning too)


You may be interested in learning more about NLP along the way. I’m not a pro, but learning more. It can be a very persuasive technique for your online sales letters.


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