This section describes details around web analytics tools and tactics. If you are not running your business using analytics for your web pages, you are running around “blind”. It’s easy to install, and your webmaster can help.

Free Analytics Tools *

  • Google Analytics – Free tool from Google, easy. (If you are paranoid about sharing data with Big G, use the next one)
  • Getclicky – inexpensive, real-time solution for tracking activity on your websites
  • Google Website Optimizer – Test landing pages and more with A/B split tests. A must-do for serious marketers online
  • Open Web Analytics – open source analytics program
  • Stat counter – web tracking, 100% free of charge

* some may charge

More Advanced Tools

  • Webtrends – powerful enterprise solutions for web tracking and more
  • Omniture (now Adobe) – enterprise tracking tools (not cheap)
  • CrazyEgg – visualize your data. Great for visual views.
  • Clicktale – advanced web tracking – even forms. (will add to the load of your pages)

Usability Testing

  • Feedback Army
  • User Testing


Successful Web Analytics Approaches (video)