CNN focuses on bad news
CNN structures news for your benefit (sort of).

It’s official.

CNN is informing the globe about their own news channel strategy (ahem: “to get more eyeballs”).

It’s impossible to imagine a world these days without news and media messages (print, radio, TV, online) blasting their way into our heads in some way. These messages have many meanings. They matter differently to each and everyone of us. There is a common thread, however. You may not know it.

So much is about trying to help you make decisions, whether you like it or not.

For example, how differently do you think of the US Economy and your small business outlook this year, compared to last? Or, for that matter – (assuming you have beat the 5-7 year failure rates for going OUT of business) – 5 years ago?

This may feel like a bit of a rant. And yes, it is.

I am not flatly saying that news is all bad, but the information you place (willingly) in your head WILL impact how you think, what you believe in, what actions you take – and therefore, the results you get for your life and business. Whatever the mind can conceive, it will achieve, as the saying goes.

Programming Schedule.

It’s interesting to note the word “programming”, for just a second. If you are a software developer, programming (standalone) has a different meaning than programming brain (which is clear). The context of this post is around the “brain”. You might think it odd that they call it “TV programming” – translate that as you wish!

You have a choice. Fill your own information schedule with good stuff, and good things come out, right?

Simple Changes.

So – if you decide to read the news, and stay current – that’s fine – but try (just for one week) to limit this activity to just 10 minutes a day, instead of 1-2 hours a day. You’ll be amazed.

I met a person recently who didn’t know about any the bad news stories from around the world (the Norway Terrorist being a top news story). She focused on her studies, her friends, family, and trying to better her community. All, with a huge smile and anticipation for the future, and how to make a difference – today.

What will you do?

If you are a chronic whiner – it’ll be tough to snap out of “yourself”, no matter what you do. But, you can choose.

I choose to turn off the bad news.

CNN will not. They know that bad news spreads like wildfire. It speaks to a very core HUMAN EMOTION.

What will you do?


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