Building digital products is hard for most people. We all know that digital products can not only help strengthen your reputation, authority and trust for your brand, but it’s also another revenue stream. Plus, if the product works (read: people want it), you can implement multiple up-sell strategies over time. (a $97.00 ebook can lead to a $497.00 video course, that leads to a yearly $10,000 coaching program, that includes VIP access to your $5,000 weekend bootcamp/workshop, etc)

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While the results of your product creation is apparent, constructing a new product bring many questions:

  1. What product should I build?
  2. What should I price this thing at?
  3. How much will it cost to create and bring this thing to market?
  4. How should I structure it? (ebook download, videos, audios, emails)
  5. I’ve heard video is the way to go? (But, I don’t have a face for it!)
  6. How much content is ‘enough’?
  7. How do I know if it will work?
  8. I don’t have the confidence to handle failure, so I’m not sure… (This one is a killer, just wipe it from your list!)

Great questions! But, making a new digital product for your audience is much simpler than that. And making it for FREE is even better.

How To Create a Digital Product for Free (almost)

Begin by creating an outline of your product. You can use mindmaps to collect your thoughts.

  1. Grab your phone or computer. Speak into it, and record your conversation. Chunk this into sections, and answer the 5 W’s (why, what, where, when, how). Create a worksheet or action steps for each section.
  2. Transcribe it (use services like to help). You can even do this faster, even while on the road – use
  3. Create a “hot” sounding product name, nothing cheesy or boring. If you can make it short, concise, and include the premise of the promise, even better. (research on for names)
  4. Create a strong offer, and put a short sales letter into a document and preferably a web page. This should be very benefit driven, and speak to the #1 problem you (your client/customer/patient) is facing.
  5. Create a cover for your new product. (Visit

Create your product 100% Free

Follow the steps above. Just don’t outsource anything, write the text (from audio) into a Word document, create the cover and name in powerpoint or and you’re done.

Product is complete – now what?

  1. Contact friends, family, networks, Facebook friends, Twitter friends, etc.
  2. If you have an email list or customer/prospect database, even better.
  3. Offer them a FREE copy of your product (make it limited: for example, only 75 copies are available).
  4. In return, ask them if they can honestly give feedback and let you know what’s good, what’s missing, could be improved, etc. (make this easy – create a survey for them, or just reply via email)
  5. Ask them about different price points that you are thinking about.
  6. If this works, you know you have a potentially viable product on your hands. Improve from there, and sell, sell, sell.

Power on!

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