“The Entrepreneur is the¬†loneliest person in the world”.

You may have heard that expression before.

But, it’s true.

The entrepreneur is most often the creative, strategic and visionary, a true change agent.

Your output and best work is not something you just “come up with” hanging around the office.

You need peace and quiet.

You also need time to research and develop products and new internal procedures to serve your customers even better.

Again, personal thinking time.

But, if you on top of that are not a very outgoing or social / people person, you may seriously need to consider joining a support group to get you outside.

It’s not good for you to spend so much time alone.

You may actually not understand how this affects you, and how this is holding you back in business and personal life.

However, you can start making some changes, and there is a way you can rate yourself:

Take the Entrepreneurial Behavioral Problems Assessment. (download the Excel sheet below).

As you take this “test”, it may feel like many of them – if not all – hit close to home, if not dead center! However, it’s meant as a wake-up call, perhaps a gentle reminder for some. The first way to change, is to become aware.

This will hopefully help you.

Download the worksheet here.

entrepreneurs behavior problem assessment form

(Thanks to Rich Schefren from Strategic Profits for the input and idea)

What do you think? How many YES versus NO in the worksheet? What changes will you make? (I for one have unsubscribed to all un-necessary email lists, that was a big help!)


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