THE BANKS, CREDIT CARD COMPANIES AND THE NON-PROFIT DEBT CONSOLIDATION COMPANIES – HOLDING HANDS TOGETHER!We all have our demons to struggle with in life. But, when it comes to areas of our lives dealing with spiritual, health, wealth, relationships and several other categories, there is one area we, and as a society take issue with (for good or for bad) – and that is money.

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game. – Donald Trump

Importance of money.

The importance of money is something we learn about early on. Kids learn about money from the weekly “allowance”. They also see/hear mom/dad talking about money issues and from expressions like: money doesn’t grow on trees, money is the root of all evil, and so many others. As we get older, going through college and moving into the workforce, we are programmed to make a living. We have great goals and ambitions, only to learn the 9-5 game is not getting us there. So, we become lazy, entitled and despondent. Anybody more successful than us are frowned upon. But, we want and need to build a career and foundation for us and future generations. We are programmed to think and believe certain things about money and wealth, and some get a nasty wakeup call later in life. Almost certainly by this time, a jaded, negative view towards entrepreneurs and for-profit companies is heavily entrenched in our psyche.

Different conversations.

Now, as an adult, this conversation will have different outcomes depending on who you speak with. But I surmise that only the top 5% of money makers in our population and the real (super) wealthy have no issue defending their position of having made crazy money and profits for themselves, employees and their families.

The bulk of our population have a problem dealing with the ‘corporation’ who seemingly are only out for themselves. And, between the patterns and programming from childhood, the media and the fight to “keep up with the Jones-es” – we tend to automatically bash anybody or anything that looks like they’re a) making more money than us, or b) somehow ‘taking’ the money from us — leaving us behind.

How can we change this thinking or experience in people’s minds? More importantly, learn the ways of Entrepreneurship and helping you to win even bigger in life. (without all the whining and bitching)?

Money makers are evil.

Donald Trump in February 2009
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Question: do you think that people who make lots of money are evil? If a corporation is making millions a month, are they automatically a villain? Yes to both, in most cases. Capitalism is bad, many will say.

Inline with this thinking – being an Entrepreneur equals low or no morality at all.  Even though history shows that the Entrepreneur or business owner have done more good — to help create products, services and jobs that make us happy, safe, productive and enlightened. From creating thriving communities to lifting poverty, Entrepreneurs are known to take big risks to make theirs and your lives better.  Yet, they always get the last vote, it seems. (or none at all).

Thank your lucky stars you are not living in a communist state, or pure dictator-ship (ie. North Korea). You can clearly see that it doesn’t work.

New global economies.

The fast rise of new jobs, technology, opportunities and the changing, booming economy in Asia is created by whom? The government? No, didn’t think so.

Somehow success and achievement is looked down upon as it relates to the money topic. And especially profits. Now of course, it doesn’t help when big news of companies like Enron hit the news-wires, showing major executives stealing from stockholders and cooking the books. The already tainted socialistic audience get more evidence of foul play and money games. Gordon Gekko (Wall Street Movies)  becomes a symbol of that “all entrepreneurs and companies are the same” (bad).

In schools and universities, we have teachers & professors who haven’t owned or run their own business a single day of their lives. The educational system and its “business 101” messages are placed into the heads of young students, corrupting their view of the real world. When they go to that first job interview, a rude awakening. A socialistic educational system is a skewed one when it comes to business and money making at this level.

Entrepreneurs are not good at educating or defending themselves in this “we are not evil” conversation. They have a hard time stepping up to both reveal & protect their real story. They’re busy working, and most wouldn’t know how to do it anyway. True entrepreneurship is multi-faceted. And, a large part of it deals with the spiritual side, the “inner game”. But, proof shows that once regular people start to understand the entrepreneur, and through education – they get it, it makes sense.

It’s like somebody turned their head in the right direction, opened their eyes – and they learned the truth.

A spiritual awakening.

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...
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I captured some thoughts from a recent introduction to Jon Butcher, an entrepreneur and self help developer.

Jon Butcher’s Lifebook – has a core purpose to help clients and entrepreneurs design a crystal clear vision of the life that they want to live. Then, he helps them to create a detailed plan for the accomplishment of that.

Negative beliefs about money might be holding you back right now. You are worth more than you think.  It is likely preventing you from being the best you can be. And, think about it – you are stopping others from doing or being the same, by the light you would shine on them.

Change your mindset, and learn new things. Then, unleash your new thinking and approach onto the world. As Mr. Butcher says – “It’s self-actualization, and not self-sacrifice”.


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