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If you are familar with Yahoo Answers or some of the question and answer engines in general (like B2B Q/A section on LinkedIn.com, Answers.com) – you know that useful questions matched with quality answers can

  1. help you quicker during your information gathering,
  2. help search engines may list your Q/A info high,
  3. get consistent traffic to your website, and
  4. build your name/brand as an authority for your marketplace.

People can vote you up, and therefore give you a “rank” within the platform.

Question (pun intended) – have you tried it yet?

A new website promises to do that an much more.

Quora, is a Q/A website like others before it, but it tends to (at least right now) produce more detailed, in-depth information from quality people. You can set up a profile for free (read: it has ‘social community’) and you can link out to Twitter, Facebook and your blog, for example. It’s getting “buzz” in the market, but folks tend to have a longer term view here.

Furthermore, you can follow a person (like Twitter) and ask specific questions.

Still to early too tell – but with new venture money, people flocking to it, engaging and search friendly access to pages, it looks to be a great application. The interface is a little annoying at times, but you can get used to it.

As with any application that caters to the wider and open marketplace, spam is an issue to contend with. And, there is no validation that says that people are who they say they are.

Finally, no video – text only.


What do you think?


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