Erect (Express) Yourself!

In today’s age – do you think having a business card will help or hurt (meaning, ‘no impact) your business networking and sales opportunities?

In the last month, how many business cards have you received that went straight into the waste basket?

And, how many business cards you gave ended up receiving email in return? (that you didn’t want, effectively – spam)

Finally – out of all those business cards – did any single card, person or company stand out that made you remember them, and in the best case, call them back?

Then, view this video.

It may just be the most highly anticipated business card on the planet, and the way he builds your anticipation, makes it so.

Presented by a guy that is not very well liked (it appears from the comments in the video) for the way he displays it.

His name is Joel Bauer, and this is the video. Pretty amazing – millions of views for a “stupid” business card talk.

But, little did you know – this guy is very successful, and has sold millions. He was an order form before he was born. A “made to order” sales man, and master persuader. Love him, or not – he has the skills to sell you anything. And, he does – sells out 75% of any room he speaks to.

Way to go, Joel Bauer.

who is joel bauer, master persuasion master


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