The golden ticket to higher search engine rankings, are many-fold, as described in my articles on Entrepreneur, and as you are seeing in my blog posts on seoworld.

However, there is one secret technique that can be used to further build your presence in search engines, and specifically Google. It is a quality way to generate traffic and improve the search quality indicator for your site – it’s called .edu backlinks. (Note: .edu & .gov links are good because of the assumed PageRank and Quality of those neighborhoods, not because of the extension. Also, check to see if backlinks have ‘nofollow’ which will impact pagerank juice, but still bring traffic).

The number of links back to your site are important, as is the anchor text that describes the link/page to your site, but introducing a mix of links from highly trusted domains is extremely crucial.

How can you get these trusted backlinks?

Load up your favorite browser and search engine (Google) – and enter the below into the searchbox, and I’ll explain each one.

The key is to find blogs that owners within the (.edu) educational websites provide outside /public access to. You may find some blogs that will still only allow approved authors, but the below shows a way to open it up. Please note/important: This is intended for quality content contribution and discussion only.  Submit if you have something to say, and that is useful, and related to the topic at hand.

Step 1 – locate the sites and blogs inurl:blog  (enter this, and watch Google results – you are on your way)

Step 2 – filter for posting possibility
“post a comment” (add this after ‘blog’ (and a space) and filter for posting )

Step 3 – clarify intent
-“comments closed” (make sure to include the hyphen too)

Step 4 – remove walls:
-“you must be logged in” (do not include the blogs that require log ins)

Step 5 – restriction & filtering:
“your keyword(s) here” (add your keyword or phrases to limit and show themes)

That’s it!

Tip: Use Roboform – to handle all your logins and lighten your workload for filling out forms.

Lastly, it not just about links – you’ll also get traffic from these links – and combined with backlinks “juice”, it’s a highly valued exercise, for users as well as search engines.

As always, testing is the key – the landscape changes so often – what works this week, may need modification the following, etc – you know the drill…


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