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If you are running advertising campaigns on Google (Adwords), you are likely frustrated about how expensive keywords and marketplace bidding has gotten.

…feel like you are in first gear with your online advertising?

With the laws of supply and demand, it’s expected to see this trend of saturation and competitive bidding. Therefore, it is important to keep reviewing and expanding your advertising options. With the new Bing-Yahoo integration, you can get up to speed on Bing Advertising and take advantage of an expanding platform with much better pricing.

However, Facebook is receiving massive traffic and attention, growing fast, and the Facebook advertising platform and marketplace is still fantastic for newcomers. You can get it for low cost now.

You must understand the basics of ad copy and especially facebook landing page layout, design and on-page factors, among several other things. A friend in the business tried to get his website listed, but because of affiliate landing pages, he was dismissed

What are the top things about custom Facebook landing pages that work?

How well the landing pages are put together can impact your ability to gain advertising approval. It can also greatly impact your ability to close sales – depending on exactly your main goal or outcome is with the page.

Make sure to read The Official Facebook Advertising Guide before starting.

5 facebook marketing landing page tips.

Make sure the page:

Clearly relates to your desired ad copy
Your Facebook ads should be an extension or a teaser for your landing page. If you plan on having an ad that talks about children’s shoes for sale, make sure the landing page features children’s shoes. Don’t try to get too creative or too cutesy with the ads or the landing pages – keep them relevant to each other.

Is completely free of pop-ups
Ideally, you want a clean landing page that sells your product, not someone else’s advertising. Take the time to remove roll over, pop and pop under ads if they are in place on your landing page. If you don’t want to do this, create a whole new landing page specifically for your Facebook ads.

Uses appropriate graphics
Remember, Facebook is paying attention to its advertisers’ landing pages very closely. Since it wants ads that enhance user experience and don’t violate policies, make sure your landing page adheres to the rules the site would place on ads.

Is clear in its intent
Just as your ad needs to clearly define its purpose, your landing page should, too. This is better for your Facebook approval chances and also for helping close your own sales. Remember, all the traffic in the world won’t make you money. You still have to sell your product or service.

(Bonus, #5)
While your landing page will have to meet Facebook standards for your ad to gain acceptance, you also want to make sure your page performs to actually move your visitors closer to business. You can do both.


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