Show the facebook fan page after like button is clicked
If you have not begun building Fan Pages on Facebook, you should consider starting. In fact, if you don’t – you’ll be left behind.

Can you imagine setting up an ad, with a picture, link to your website + a social “like” indicator in about 30 minutes. Then, after a quick approval have it shown to potentially millions of people?

And, depending on your targeting, copy and overall testing of pages, ads, pictures and links – you can get hundreds of targeted visitors in hours?

But – as with anything – it requires skills and knowledge. You must leverage every cent wisely.

One of the the cool things about a Facebook fan page is that you can engage a user to take action right away.

You can show an “entry/welcome” page. Then, depending on your copywriting / sales and messaging skills, entice a visitor to your fan page to “Like” the page before continuing.

You can check for a good example on how it might work.

How do set up a Fan Page to only show your “real stuff” when liking it?

Did you check out the OREO example? Pretty cool. You could see the professional looking “banner” on the left side of the page, as well as the “welcome” area, asking you to “Like” the page. When you do, another page/section shows. That’s the logic behind the Facebook alternate content showings.

It is seriously simple.

Step 1: FBML – Facebook markup language
Install the FBML extension. (just search FBML in the app directory if you cannot find it)

Step 2: Code placement
Place your HTML code with graphics, video, whatever

Step 3: Conditional “toggle” (code)
Facebook Developers – example code
Place this at the top of the page:

Then, place your content, images, video, etc within the block of code.
Finally, make sure to place this wrapper code at the end:

I hope this was easy enough for you.

Try it!


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