Top earners making money online not only know that traffic is key to their business, but they understand that the secret to turning that traffic into a cost benefit from targeted traffic to conversion – is the *niche* they live in.

What is a niche?

Niche is defined as a focused, targetable portion of a market sector. You may be positioned to present products and services in a health-care sector for example, and your niche drill-down is specifically targeting seniors and assisted living services.

On the Internet, how can you find the niches for your marketplace – for FREE?

Step 1 – Use Google (power tool)
Click here to access the keyword tool without going through Google Adwords. Once there, make sure to select the 2nd tab – “Site-Related Keywords”.

Step 2 – Select area of interest (research)
I entered ‘’ as a targeted site, since I’m interested in that sector. Leave all checkboxes and settings as is for now.

Step 3 – Review keyword groups and properties (competiveness)
The results are showing keywords grouped by these top tier groupings/terms:
stock market (27), stock quote (4), stock trading (6), stock chart (1), stock (27), financial (6), finance (2), fund (5), Miscellaneous keywords (6)

What you want to look for is where you see the following:
a) healthy competition (almost full green bar)
b) solid search volume (at least 1/2 the green bar)
c) not ‘too generic’ a keyword (thinking long tail here)

‘Stock Market Software’ looks like an interesting niche keyword. Let’s use that.

Step 4 – Review bid pricing (Traffic/Pricing)
Change the “Choose columns to display” to include Avg Bid Position & Cost. That will allow the display to render updated info in the same tool, same screen. Set Max CPC to 10.00 or higher, to capture what the Max CPC might be for keywords in the list. Alternatively go to this tool and check keywords for traffic and pricing and geo targets. Enter the keywords using Phrase and Exact matching types (see descriptions next to the input panel). Use “” and [] to denote differences. Exclude Broad match at this time.

Review the results for many more keywords, and keep going back to Step 4 to discover more profitable keywords and traffic, clicks (daily) and overall ranges for bid position. Because of no performance history and other factors, these are only indicators, but good ones – directly from inside Google.

This detailed research should give you good insight to goldmine niche markets. If you can supply visitors with quality products and services via a compelling website and driving traffic to it, you are on your way.

I didn’t take the ‘stock market software’ keyword phrase to the next level, which includes more keyword research and drilldown + related phrases, but you get the drift… You may want to use this under-valued keyword tool to see good potential Adsense keywords, including trends (Google) for your keywords: Keywordcountry (great for Adsense)


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