What can you learn from the CNN home page as it relates to “conversion”? (Defined as a visitor performing some action on a transactional or reference landing page).

The video below provides tons of detail about how you can increase conversion on your existing pages. It also makes you think about creative frameworks for new pages that you can (and should) develop and test.

Andy Jenkins (funny but experienced internet marketer seen in this video) explains how his company, through science and research, more than doubled conversion by making just a few changes on existing websites, and how their foveal view eye application impacts their landing page design work.

An example of what this may look like in one screenshot is depicted here:
What your eye really sees

They are advanced topics, but listen carefully, and the presentation will show you insider tips on optimizing your site for users.

Among the four secrets:

  1. Learn how to increase action by a visitor, and fast;
  2. Discover how white space should be applied on a page;
  3. Find out what every other other page on the internet is measured by; and
  4. Explore chunky grouping and how it can affect the eye’s fovea (as contrary to peripheral) view


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