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Getting web traffic and driving that new traffic to your website is top of mind for all online marketers. Combine targeted web traffic, cheap web traffic – or free web traffic, and it is: “hallelujah” to most of us. (some actually work harder on conversion than traffic, although they are the few)

There are different ways to build this traffic and increase your daily visitors:

  • purchase web traffic
  • barter or exchange traffic
  • use web traffic software and tools
  • affiliate traffic streams
  • search engine optimization
  • mobile traffic

There are more great ways to drive traffic to your website. How many do you use?

Some of the techniques depend on your marketplace when thinking quality traffic. For example, if you are blogger, it would make sense to reach out to fellow bloggers to initiate conversation, and ask about guest blogging. If you are an affiliate marketer, and with a quality and reasonable size mailing list, you may get a big traffic boost from partnerships and those private connections. If you know how to do search engine optimization (SEO), you can build out content and links to drive increased visibility from search, incoming visitors’ links, or referrers from other websites. Buying large chunks of banner advertising without any planning, is a losers game. Be smart.

Here are more web traffic ideas you may not have thought of:

  • Video marketing for traffic (place annotation in video, or some call to action to ask to visit your site)
  • Special contests or giveaways (promote on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc)
  • Paid reviews (still works)
  • Targeted forums (search for your keywords + forums to start)
  • Press releases (try to have something newsworthy to say, don’t spam)
  • Content distribution & syndication (Manual approach works best. Try
  • Co-registration
  • E-book directories (free-ebooks is great)
  • Display network (image/text ads on Google partner networks)
  • Social Media (I hope you are!)

How do YOU get traffic to your blog? Let me know. And, are you running web traffic analytics – so you can see if those visitors are converting? (most important). Make sure to do your web traffic monitoring as you go, and have fun…


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