History of Social Media Communication (https://boyertownpublishing.com/history.htm)


Central to everything living and beyond.

Communication is everywhere – interconnected, and you don’t normally think about its profound depth and reach. Imagine for a second, the importance of communication for a plant, a frog, a deer, a monkey, a caterpillar, a rock – earth, wind, fire, water and ‘things out there’.

We humans are an evolved species to this degree, couldn’t live without it — and more intelligent than any other, as we know it to date.

At the simplest, but powerful level – we communicate to make ourselves feel better. We like to be happy.

From the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, informational revolution to what I now see as the social/media revolution, astronomical changes in how the world operates has been noted and experienced.

So, how does this next level of communication revolution reach new heights now?

Enter Facebook.

With over 500 million world wide users and growing fast – and imagine – still not penetrated or adopted by massive communities like China, we are in for a ride, as the saying goes. It’s no wonder why many think 1 billion Facebook users is possible, and not in the too distant future. (relative)

Media Changed Forever.

The old one way communication and variation and expansion of it through centuries, is now a many to many conversation on the Internet, and we (the humans) are the contributors to this landscape through social media and social networks.

Internet Map. Ninian Smart predicts global com...
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You Are It.

No longer are the big media companies the only one’s producing content. In fact, they are vastly not seen as trusted. YOU produce content by contributing, from small to bigger scales, and that’s what we all want – people contribution and communication. The ability to communicate globally – and – to feel better.

Use it for personal and business, and try having fun along the way!

And, if you are uneasy providing information globally or locally, it’s ok to use a pen-name. Now: Listen, learn and join your revolution!

What do you think about social media and is global expansion?

Love it? Hate it?


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