This is common question, and a valid concern.

It also rings true from small businesses to larger enterprises (although here the problem is typically centered around segmentation conflicts, unclear messaging, conversion blockages, team issues and processes not fully optimized).

The scale and depth of work is different with larger firms, but the need is always the same: how can I get my message in front of the right people, so I can sell them “my stuff” (at the right time)?

In this episode of “The Sit Down With Jon” – I’ll share 3 areas that you should focus on for maximum results. It’s start with some pretty basic questions, and moves over and into more strategic planning and focus.

Watch the “I got great products but nobody knows it” video now:

Image Capture:

Key Takeaways:
1) Get clear on your audience
2) Are you currently marketing or advertising?
3) What’s working – focus on that
4) Select a primary platform
5) Provide answers to common questions
6) Don’t give up – you can do this, I believe it

Hope this helps you. Please share if you feel this is worth your time. 🙂


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