sales-training-work-video-sales-serviceMention the word “sales” and most people quickly form a nasty frown on their face. Or at least – they go silent – and shy away from the discussion. “I hate salespeople”, they say.

It’s the old “sleazy car salesman” picture that comes to mind. It’s about being cold called. It’s about being pitched something – fast and furious.

It’s about sales people trying to get money for nothing (it appears), and YOU getting pressured to the point of no return.

It’s about pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing. It’s about ‘get rich quick’.

It’s about feeling ripped off, and buying something you didn’t need in the first place. It’s about the fact that we feel most sales people don’t care, and are only in it for themselves.

It’s about “loss of money” (which we hate). We’ll do more to recover money or potential for losing it, than actually making it.

SO THEN… can this post change all of that? Yes, this VIDEO can and will…

Here is a fast sales course training video that shows you the opposite side of sales: “selling is service, and service is selling”.

Very badly done. BUT – the big takeaway – THEY ARE HAVING FUN, and you too can change your mindset about sales. It’s about service, it’s about leadership, it’s about moving people to action. The video actually does all that, believe it or not. (Except the call to action, which is missing…;-))

WARNING: It’s terrible.

Watch the instant sales training course about how selling is all about service. (don’t throw up though)

photo credit: bonkedproducer via photopin cc


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