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Change is the only constant. That’s true for search engines – now more than ever.

Search engines and interaction with them – have become very personal. In fact, SEO (search engine optimization) is just an extension of the people web. Others may say talking to search engines is simply public relations. You’ll now hear the term Social SEO. “Do for users online what they expect and like, and search engines will follow”, is a commonplace expression (and it makes sense).

Web 2.0 – social media signals – yup, it matters.

Combined with emerging technologies and user engagement in the Web 2.0, and social media space – website optimization can be leveraged in more powerful ways than ever. Central to all of this is content creation, quality more than quantity. Social signals account for at least 5% of ranking factors, and growing. Google is struggling still in this area (remember Google Wave, Google Buzz?).

How we communicate with search.

Keywords acts as a ‘glue’ to it all, with information being the central driver of anything web. ‘How To’ and ‘Why’ (insert subject or question here) topics engage us. We are seeking information (and browsing, transacting), and search engines and resulting websites can help us. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your keywords are relevant to engines as well as humans. Learning and becoming an PPC Expert, testing keywords, ads and landing pages can really help your SEO efforts as well.¬†Create optimized pages, drive traffic via links and other tactics, and let the word of ‘mouse’ build your empire.

Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

SEO is not dead, and will be an activity you should always employ. SEO however, is a long term strategy, not as fast as PPC (Pay Per Click), but can have the highest return on clicks that are highly valued and trusted. Make sure your site is well optimized for users, and search engines will follow, as mentioned before.

Consider also the targeting of traffic and return on investment (ROI) more than simply rankings. Study your web analytics and drive more traffic by enhancing what you already have.

The SEO Secret is all about people! (hmm… sounds too simple). What are you doing about it? What do you think?


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