There are no guarantees in life, right? 😉

That’s at least (partially) true for a top Google natural listing in a competitive market.  It goes for the other search engines as well. Unless you own that search engine, we all have to just “get to work”, think positively, and contribute, share like crazy and apply our best Search Engine Optimization processes.

However, there is a new way to severely impact that SEO workload in a positive direction – and fast.

Of course, nothing in life is really ultimately free. We pay with time, money.


Do you have a lot of time, but no money? This solution may be a hard road.

Do you have a lot of money, but no time? Well, do it right, and this will likely be a GREAT solution for you and top position attainment in Google. Quickly, see below.

I already talked about this keyword/competitive power tool for domains in a previous post.

Now, it’s included with another cool marketplace you may not have considered for search: domains / auctions.

Yes, Flippa recently launched a new service (beta), partnered with SEMRush – that will show you the domains available for sale – listed by keyword, domain, cost-per-click, monthly searches for that keyword — and more.

You owe to yourself to check it out. (But, don’t assume anything. Make sure to check in with an online/SEO consultant first. You can blow a lot of money. Even if you have the cash, that’s stupid).

See Top Five Ranking Websites For Sale here.

And, do you think this is “cheating” – or, simply smart online business?


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