First, I present a test. Please answer truthfully.

Where do you place primary focus in your online work on a daily basis?

Please select in order of importance of workload:

  • A. Search Engine Rankings & Monitoring (___ %)
  • B. Web Traffic Building/Link Acquisition (___%)
  • C. Website Usability Study and Updates (___%)
  • D. User Behavior Tracking and Strategy (___%)
  • E. Brand Reach/Social Media Expansion (___%)
  • F. Conversion Testing and Profit Tracking (___%)

I certainly hope flavors of all six, but I’m guessing that F, the last one, grabs the smallest attention in your day-to-day? It’s very common, and I see it all the time.

The truth is: You don’t have to spend all that time and work trying to get more traffic or rankings with detailed user click-stream tracking, link building in order to add potentially significant *bottom-line dollars* to your existing business.

dollars in your pocket tomorrow

All right then: How can you create “big revenue into your business” today?

With existing traffic (assuming “big enough” data rate!) and the overall movement to your website, you should be able to double–and triple–conversions by making just some small changes (some more drastic, perhaps), but overall, pretty easy to implement.

You could try to build more traffic, but it’s generally harder to raise traffic that you need to meet your conversion goals, versus just tweaking your existing page(s) to simply get more customers to buy more of your stuff.

There are many ways to do this. But today, I’ll show you examples from a design team that I have been working with lately, with some amazing results. We’ve seen outstanding success, and extracts from case studies are presented below.

But, let me rehash–from a previous post on my blog–here are some things you can test yourself:

  • Headlines: A strong, compelling, problem-solving headline, relevant to topic
  • Price of offer: Test different prices
  • Bonuses or other incentives
  • P.S.: Add a P.S. at the end of your sales letter or squeeze/content page. Many will scroll down your page and read this
  • Guarantees: For example, “90 day guarantee or your money back”
  • Audio: Test with autoplay or not
  • Body Copy: Short and long copy, maximize use of white space, and make it short. Web readers “scan” the page
  • Header image and/or banner: Test by turning it on and off, different sizes and colors, too
  • Site color/fonts: Red and blue fonts work well; test it all
  • Subheaders, taglines: Compelling “problem solvers”
  • Images: i.e., “hero shots,” personal pictures of people, then things
  • Videos: Very powerful in the new YouTube age. Upload a video to YouTube and make sure to brand it on your page
  • Buttons: Different colors, different text in buttons (not just “submit,” but “Yes, download the free whitepaper,” etc.)
  • Your Logo: Show it; don’t show it. (You’d be amazed what turning it off may do. Don’t do this if you are Coca-Cola.)
  • Credibility, legitimacy: Verisign logo, BBB, Hackersafe, Visa/MC, etc. Add more “flair” to your page.
  • Test your signup forms, short vs. long (short forms work better normally, but test this). B2B vs. B2C behavior may differ.

Check out some live examples, granted complimentary by Creative Digital Media.

Below are extracts from its top 10 secrets list, but five overall landing pages design strategies are presented here:

EXAMPLE #1: Keep your opt-in above the fold.

10 minute change from 24 to 32% conversion

Number 2: Do whatever you can to look professional.

Doubled sales overnight

Number 3: Don’t waste space and keep your message simple.

10% increase in conversion rate

Number 4: Use “eye candy” around the opt-in form.

10-20% increase in conversion rate, every time

Number 5: How much “flare” can you use?

10-40% increase in conversion rate and more

To get the complete list of landing page design secrets–with many more examples–please download it here.

In my next post, I will discuss advanced testing via software-enabled tools. This will include how to take the very important human creative inputs and test them via A/B landing page testing and multi-variate, sectional testing recipes. This can all be done in an SEO search-friendly way.


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