Google Plus Web Traffic Changes
The Google plus project is an exciting one for the big boys & gals up in northern California.

There is a lot at stake here. And, especially with Facebook growing so fast, virtually “owning” the social web today.

The recent announcements of 750 million users globally using Facebook is impressive. But, as noted by CEO Zuckerberg, the application development community and the apps, picture and video sharing amongst members is the one to watch.

There are many levels of “eyeball qualities” here. Google owns search, but the social impact (user behavior and interaction) along with the sharing (human involvement and caring), create a profound synergy and awesome (money) platform that Google must overcome and deliver to. While the Google+ invites are flying out the door, and millions have been attracted in recent weeks, the jury is still out on how they will fare.

In the search engine space, professionals and users alike are watching and testing for how it affects their websites and other assets online. One question related to web visibility and traffic is obvious: “how does the new google+ data and user interface affect my web traffic”.

Watch this new video (2 min 45secs) on how Google+ buttons can affect web traffic, and where you can best place a Google+ button on your web page.

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