Watching paint dry - boredAre you bored waiting for your internet marketing and advertising tactics to work?

Advertising in any arena is not an exact science. The “right” combination of creative and tactics must be used. It’s not easy – and you’ll never be bored!

Even the big boys on Madison Avenue have chalked up more than a few errors to their credit through the years.

To get the greatest benefit out of online ads (Google, Bing, Facebook), you have to be willing to experiment and discover what combination of words, images and demographics really work for your products and services.

Promise, big promise, is still the heart and soul of every good ad. Because advertising’s first job ISN’T to be admired. Its job is to sell. And nothing does that “art or no art” — better than a benefit clearly expressed. – Claude Hopkins (Scientific Advertising PDF download)

You also should decide and know “how long” you can run (in the hole) before you make a return on your money. Set your expectations right. Marketing is an investment, and it is 90% of your business success. Tracking to goals is imperative, but so is having patience, and to know that you have to give it time to work.

What to do? Google shows you this: “We have not gathered enough data yet to show any significant results. When we collect more data we should be able to show you a winning combination.”  Patience or tactics? (both?)

Here are some suggestions if you are working with Facebook Ads, uniquely:

As you test, run different campaigns and ads, make sure you focus in on the differences in the copy or images and focus on keeping the factors that seem to really work. Run daily reports to see what is going on.

Also pay attention to how your ads go over with different demographics. While you might “think” your toddler toys would appeal to parents, you may find grandparents are the better target to produce clicks and eventual sales. “Split-Test” by running ads in different demographics, and change title, images, for example.  (See chicks and advertising).

Learn from your Facebook mistakes to improve your strategies and your results.

Remember as you test ads that your conversions are also tied to your landing page. If your ads are getting clicks, but you’re not seeing sales this could be your problem.

Consider making changes not to your ads in this case, but to your landing page (“custom tab” in Facebook)

Maybe you need stronger, clearer action oriented language?

Perhaps you’ve buried the real information inside a pitch or sales-loaded copy? Have you made it easy for visitors to the landing page to actually buy or submit a form?

If you have problems in these areas, fix your landing page and then gauge your results. Chances are you will see more conversions as you tweak your landing page and gear it more toward the desired actions you want visitors to take.

Many goals exist for your advertising campaigns, and for Facebook, most people look at success from tracking:

Goldendoodle Tracking Rabbit6
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  • Number of “likes” in period
  • Traffic & awareness in logs/analytics
  • First or last click attribution
  • Increases in e-commerce transactions
  • Form completion – lead generation numbers

For example, if you are building ads that has the sole intention of building “Likes”, – you must decide beforehand how much time, money and actual numbers reached to make it a success. If you spent $10,000 dollars over a particular period and didn’t meet your goals — did you track and test along the way, or just “set it and forget it”? (I hope not). And, did you give it enough time?

Combine business/advertising planning, budgeting, tracking, tuning/testing with a reasonable level of patience.


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