How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd Using Social Media and Marketing?
A study was done a while ago that showed some 30,000 marketing messages pushed through every day here in the US alone. Whatever the real amount is, I think it’s significant. We are literally bombarded with marketing and sales pitches all the time, and everywhere. Heck, have you been on a fishing trip lately? Surely you can get away from it there? No, because when you use your smart phone, small ads are shown within various apps you use. It’s called “marketing on steroids” (capitalism).

And, when it comes to that “online stuff” – social media and marketing opportunities in general within online platforms can be truly challenging. And, how do you break through the noise, and make yourself stand out?

I put together some ideas in a quick video – what do you think?

This is a short video that explains how to cut through the social media noise very quickly. However (BIG DISCLAIMER) – that does not mean that you have to attain celebrity status with millions of followers. It’s enough to make a few changes to provide the desired effect. What you are going for, is to become the “hero” to your clients, your market, and expanding from there.

Watch my quick video now. Did you notice one thing I kept repeating again and again?


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