Content is King for search engines and your business.

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In various types – text, audio, video, images and more – they need it, and you need it. Flash movies don’t cut it, even though it’s technically “content”. Search engine spiders read text, but a multi-approach (multiple formats) is great.  You probably have seen videos displayed in the first page of search results (Google’s Universal Search), and the combination of meta text and popularity from links and views place them there.

A small business owner has a hard time sitting down and writing for their website. They don’t have staff for this, and outsourcing it can seem like too big a stretch.

And, we all get caught in the perfectionism role, or having web page content so brilliantly structured, it never actually gets done. I know this first hand. I have spent countless days, weeks, months – making sure a particular document or content piece is “perfect”, only to have the competition or the marketplace pass me by.

How can you build content for your website fast, cheap, easy?

It’s the million dollar question.

Everybody needs content for their websites, whether on their own domains, or places like slideshare, youtube or twitter and beyond.

There is one requirement to create this content.

You must know your subject. Great if you are a subject matter expert (SME), an authority or leader in your field, looked up to by others, admired everywhere, and popular at conferences. (Just kidding about that last part, but not the first). You must know what you are talking about, and enough to provide value to the reader or listener. Make it quality content. Give them something that they can use or apply to their own business. Content built and delivered this way will have your biggest yield. This type of content is pure currency.

Most people speak over 120 words per minute but type less than 40 words per minute. Combine that with writer’s block, and lack of typing skills…

Here are some fast tips that can work for you:

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  1. Dictate from home, on the run, office, car, whatever – You just “talk”, and it translates it into text. Another service – been around for awhile is
  2. Install a copy of (dragon naturally speaking). This works really well, and can become your friend in your desktop management as well (PC). Just tell it to “open excel”, or “print”, or “get me a beer” (!) – and you’re off! You can “write” content extremely fast this way. And, if you don’t change it too much, it will reflect YOU.
  3. Now, if you are producing a lot of content, get a virtual assistant or go to and have somebody put it together for you as your content gets created.

Finally, you can take this content and publish in your blog, on your static web pages, in a podcast, or – even create a video from power point slides. Perhaps even use it for guest blogging! Then, syndicate all of it, distribute it.

Clearly, these solutions don’t fit all styles, but try it – and don’t keep pushing it off. It’s your future.

How do you produce content on your website today? And, are you committed to getting this done?

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