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If you are in the info marketing business, there are several different ways you can deliver the product to your customer. One easy way is of course online.

You can create a video, audio or content (blog) product for example. You may decide that YouTube is the way to go (good consideration by the way), or if you are talkative, and less picturesque – you may simply decide that a recording of your voice and create a podcast from MP3 is optimum.

In the multi-media web, you have many options, and there is not one ‘correct’ way to get your message out, but several.

Many like CD/DVD formats.

What’s the easiest way to produce these, and get them shipped easily?

Producing a CD or DVD with your name, product on it not only can also help you with positioning. Your price point is one. You’ll be able to increase pricing. (because many see you as THE expert and authority).

Imagine this.

For example: “7 Effective Ways To Make Tons of Money With Gold Bars in 2011” as a video or audio is fine – but how about a nice plastic covered DVD case with your own label that shows up at their doorstep? And, you don’t have to worry about design and mess with fonts and layouts? Just create your media, and upload it via a simple interface.

There is an easy way to do this, and you can test one for FREE if you’d like.

Check out this amazing CD/DVD manufacturing service – from KUNAKI.

Their application that you download is simple, effective. And, you don’t have to buy or pre-pay in bulk, you simple “buy what you need”.

Check out the pricing here.

And, you don’t have to go overboard on the production. Save your money. If you are creating an audio, you should try the Audacity (FREE) audio recording tool.

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Test and see how your clients like it, or offer select ones a free gift, if they would just cover shipping & handling (don’t mess with it, just charge the basic rate).

What do you think?


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