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Recently, I was talking with a friend about how we acquire knowledge in different areas of our professional lives.  While he is a certified account (took classes!), and now a successful CFO/controller at a Fortune 100 company, he’s become more interested in search and online marketing in general. He sort of was “lost” on where to start though. He launched a sports memorabilia company, but saw that he needed to, and wanted to – know more about SEO (search engine optimization).

I shared the concept of the 10,000 hours, as laid out in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers“.  It basically indicates (paraphrasing) that to become knowledgeable, to the level or expert and mastery, you must submit to, and know that results and research show that anybody can get there. But, you must put in the hours! And, no whining (just kidding).

Are you willing to do that? You should start with something you are passionate about, certainly very interested in, and something that you almost could do with no pay, ’cause you love it so much.

A pamphlet on the Ultimate Success Secret by Daniel Kennedy shares some useful insights to get there:

  1. Locate and catch up on important reading in your field. Find the back issues for trade and specialty magazines for the last year.
  2. Respond to the advertisements found in these journals and magazines. Sign up for free information and get it sent to you. Make research your game.
  3. Figure out who the top experts are, the most successful and celebrated. Check
  4. Find the top books, forums, blogs and websites in that area. Use the word + “forum”, “blogs” as a simple start. Search on Amazon.
  5. Join your local chambers of commerce, trade associations or clubs. Network with people, get outside!
  6. Attend webinars, teleseminars, classes, workshops. Check the Learning Annex too.
  7. Do your homework – both online and off. Some enjoy going to the library. Get yourself a “reading program” monthly. Set goals to get these items done. Set a time to read each week, head over to Starbucks (that’s what I do).

(Sorry Dan, I tweaked them slightly to my liking)

What are you doing in terms of the above?

I can tell you, to learn the internet marketing field (still a big student!), SEO, Social Media, PPC, Media buying, Copywriting, Direct Response, Marketing online, Marketing offline, HTML, Blogging, Design, Conversion optimization, Advertising – I have never held back.

I have spent massive amounts of time, and thousands upon thousands of dollars of my own money (my wife might be interested to know ;-)).

Every webinar, seminar, book, forum, expert, guru I could reach or read/learn from – well, I have.  But, I never stop. Neither should you.

I’m an (internet) marketing freak. I love it.

How about you?


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