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Praising others is easy online since you have more access to more people and to more methods of interacting with people. If you are targeting the right people, in the right way, you’ll be able to strike up joint venture proposals with high quality. A partnership with the most relevant, supportive party can change your business to the positive very quickly.

Some of the best ways to engage and to give praise to other internet marketing gurus, potential joint venture partners, include:

  • Writing up reviews of products
    If you have a blog or a website, it’s time to start adding reviews of products of other internet marketers, especially when they relate to your business or they relate to your products.  You will want to talk about the products, how great they are, and advise your followers to buy them too.
  • Sharing links via Twitter and Facebook
    Facebook and Twitter make it simple to share the things you’ve found with others.  Sharing links to the products will help to spread the word, plus you can share a short comment with each link to show why you think these links are worth the time of others.
  • Writing a testimonial
    Once you’ve used a product and have seen good results, why not write a testimonial telling others that you have done so?  This might even end up on the page of the internet marketing guru, in their advertising, etc.
  • Emailing the guru directly
    Of course, a personal note to the internet marketing guru is never a bad idea either.  This might get you an ‘in’ with the guru or it might end up as a testimonial. Do this carefully. Some will even do a personal video, and send it over. Do not spam! (And, don’t expect an answer on the first go around. Do something for them first.)
  • Writing on message boards related to the product or company
    When the product has message boards or forums related to the item, you will want to become an active voice on these boards.  You will be able to talk about your experience and you will be able to find out what others think too.

The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to praise and positive recommendations is that there is such a thing as too much.  Though you might want to praise everyone that you admire, this will come across as being less than genuine.

A good rule of thumb is to think about whether you truly like the product and want others to use it – or if you’re just promoting it because you think you should (and to make money).

Sounds a little harsh, sure, but when you are trying to build your own reputation online and to partner up with others in your market, you need to be clear about what you really want to say and what you really don’t need to say.

And if you’re talking about how great everyone else is all the time, you’re not leaving room for great things about yourself. In social media, we talk about promoting others first – even a 90-10 rule: Promote them 90% of the time, 10% of yourself. For some, this may be too aggressive. However, there is a timeline to this. You will have more more freedom to do as you wish (sort of) after you have shown yourself as a trusted voice, and over time.

Promoting Others Promotes Yourself

Making high level connections with other internet marketing gurus is going to help your business and your product launches.  Why?  When you connect with others, you will give opportunities to others to promote you as well. And, don’t forget to connect off-line. This can be your biggest win. Face-to-face still works amazingly well, and that will never change.

If you scratch someone else’s back, they will scratch yours, after all.

Start Convincing Cross-Promotions

Now, you’ve praised others and you’ve begun conversations with other internet marketing gurus and potential JV’s.  How do you encourage others to promote your products as well?

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  • Have a good product
    You need to have produced a good product in order to have others promote it.  Make sure that you’re producing something worth buying. This is not easy, but try to stand out.
  • Have a relevant product
    You don’t want to be producing a product that people can’t use or that is already filling the market.  Find a way to produce a product that is going to be relevant to the needs of the everyday society.
  • Have a complementary product
    Ideally, the product you sell is going to be one which is going to complement the internet marketing guru’s or partners product.  Though this might not be your intention in the beginning, your unique idea should be one which can work alongside the products of gurus and top affiliates/partners.  If you have the same product, why would a person choose your product over the guru’s, after all?
  • Sell the internet marketing guru’s product
    Though this will not guarantee they will sell yours, it never hurts to get involved as an affiliate whenever possible.  Making money for someone else never hurts. And, if you are able to drive more traffic and higher sales, they will recognize you (with a gift potentially, as well)!

You can’t assume that praising and contacting an internet market guru or potential strategic joint venture partner is going to get your products promoted – and you might not get in the club at first. That shouldn’t deter you though.

These techniques are going to help you begin to get noticed by other gurus and that will help you to begin to create a new future for your marketing career and business – one which will link you to the successful gurus online.  Your business will be linked with others, which is going to help you see more traffic to your website, which will lead to more customers, more business, more success, and it will get you invited back again and again.

What have you done in this area lately?


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