Have you been planning to build out your corporate website this year?

Do you have website concepts and ideas but don’t know how to get that project in motion? You’re not alone–it’s common.

However, you shouldn’t hold you back. With technology, tools and platforms it’s easier than ever to get started.

This simple and effective to-do list will help get you a brand new, professional looking (WordPress) website in as little time as a week (or slightly more, depending on scope). And it will be search engine-ready, for the most part.  (A well-designed, custom targeted website with corporate branding, messaging (copy) and conversion strategies will need much more attention and time.)

Before you begin, get a hosting account and install WordPress on your domain. Most hosting companies will have a one-click install option these days.

Step 1: New Website Design Concepts and Ideas.

Go to odesk.com, elance.com. Even sites like 99designs.com (WP themes) will get you awesome designs (multiple designs from multiple designers).

Sign up for a free account to search for a website designer. Query  for “website designer,” “graphics designer,” “photoshop designer,” “website developer” and combinations thereof. Look for titles that highly match your search query. Don’t go too broad. Look for history, feedback and examples of work. (Tip: Don’t be easily fooled. Ask detailed questions about the projects they show you).

Each of these resource sites has a vast group of people who can help you at a competitive cost. When you submit your project, outline the description of job, skill sets and experience. Don’t give all the details yet. Create the project on a fixed price if you are comfortable or set a range from $10 to $25 an hour. Make sure to select options for certifications and site “readiness” where available.  Once you locate a few designers you like, interview them. (Skype, IM, etc).Jon Rognerud WordPress Website Steps

Once you award him/her the project, send a concept. It can be as simple as three to five websites you like, graphics/images you found and further detail and description of your website, business and its overall purpose.  Make sure the designer delivers your new site designs in Adobe Photoshop format (PSD). Try to get several designs to choose from before selecting the final one.

Step 2: Develop Your Website.

Once the final PSD is sent, go to https://psdtowp.net/ and get your New WordPress Theme created. These guys will have it ready very quickly; fast loading, search-friendly, W3C compliant and ready to load into Step 3 below.

Step 3: The New Website Goes Live.

Now simply upload your new theme (to wp-content/themes) via your favorite FTP utility. Log in to WordPress, select the new theme. Boom! — your new website structure and designs are ready and visible.

You may go back to your profiles set up in Step 1 and search for “wordpress developer” and find somebody to help you further develop the wordpress site if need be.   Lastly, you want to install a few WordPress plugins (wp-content/plugins), some of which are listed below.

There are many out there, but start with this WordPress plugin list to help your new site become more search and user friendly:

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