Since we know that search engines love text (it’s what they can “understand”) and users love quality content, how can you write the most relevant, traffic-capturing content to meet the requirements of both?

The answer lies in focusing on the user first, not the other way around.

How do you write quality content?

You need to start by understanding the learning process of humans, what drives us and what makes us take action on something we see or hear.

The best way is to get to the basics. Do you know how we learn and what our behavioral preferences are? If not, here’s a view:

  • Why (35 percent of people)
  • What (22 percent of people)
  • How (18 percent of people)
  • So what (25 percent of people)

Knowing the above can provide more clarity in your research. When you write, think about the above. More information can be found via Bernice McCarthy’s innovative 4-mat system. It’s a helpful guide, along with an expanded “cycle of learning,” with its sequential pie charts of learning.

You can see how I answered the why (search engines, users); what (traffic capture); how (links out, pie chart reference) in this post. The last category may also have been captured (what if…), but that reader might have left before reading the line.

Make the right and left brain work together. Make it educational, but also entertaining.


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