Recently, a friend told me:

“I’m giving up on Facebook ads. They don’t work, and I’m just losing money on crap, and I don’t ‘get’ their ad policies”.

Pretty bad, I know. And, this person is a professional, and doing very well on Google Adwords and with affiliate marketing. The Facebook platform is completely different in the way of operating as compared to Adwords. True, they have a CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost per mille/thousand impressions) based bidding system, ads, but that’s about where the similarities end.

He was further very mad about the fact that Facebook didn’t approve any of his ads, and even told him that the landing pages were horrible (ie. they could “infest” a persons machine). I learned that affiliates are now “hated” by Facebook, and unless you spend an insane amount (read: a lot) of media dollars, you are shut out, like so many top players  in the affiliate game.

Knowing this – my friend shrugged, but finally understood why, so he got some relief.

But, Facebook can drive massive traffic to your brand, and is one of the best targeting platforms you can use right now. It is a blessing for the online marketers and businesses who have started, and stayed with it. A friend in the insurance business gets more leads from Facebook than anything in Google 6 months prior!

What to do?

The Facebook Soup to Nuts Guide (video) from friend Mr. Shoemoney is an excellent, insider’s stream you need to watch. I’ll give you a quick re-cap below.



Since images are 70% of the results (impact to click), it’s given that images will form a big part of your strategy.  Body text and titles are last, order almost not important. Change and test pictures often, and run reports to see impact on all activities. Learn how to test and monitor with analytics or 3rd party tools to track all events from the click.

The key to victory in Facebook is patience. You need to continue to build, test, tweak, tune – and don’t give up. Sure, the affiliates are ‘out’, but that may not be you. So go for it, and stay close to the campaigns, daily, weekly.

Start with the Cost-Per-Click bidding model. Using the other option (CPM) will likely help you lose your shirt, fast. Don’t do it. (at this early stage, see below)

Load up and test lots and lots of images (pictures). As you’ll see in the video, the studies around “female body parts” are pretty revealing…

Test and tweak changing the TITLE and BODY text. Try to use call to action in the title also. Make it simple. In the body text, try to show results, call to action and add a pinch of scarcity.

Run detailed reports to help you tighten up your campaigns. Don’t let ads run that don’t get any clicks, it will hurt you – and the ads will eventually stop running (and you won’t know why).

Start many ads and demographics targeting, and stop ads that don’t get any clicks.

When the campaigns are running well, dayparting has been validated (only show your ads at highest click intervals during the 24 hours) – turn to CPM. Facebook will discount you for that. But, be careful, watch it intently.




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