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For new readers, it is important to remind you of the importance of link building.

The value for search engine rankings and visibility has been known in our community for a long time.

The quality of links (backlinks, incoming links) are paramount to long term success.

Sure, you can get a quick “boost”, but only to die off, or the slow ranking death due to lack of quality (and site issues, etc).

Learn more about the benefits, and how you can create more quality links in this post.

Here are 6 clear benefits to link building:

  1. Links are critical for search engine position improvements – traffic and sales opportunities
  2. People follow links naturally, as they would follow signs at Disneyland – and they are designed for users to create psychological awareness and direction
  3. They build trust in your brand – and will be more likely to buy or engage with you for services and more
  4. Links connect you to the community at large, and they will become aware of you, and recommend you
  5. Links over time will attract other links, and more links you have, the more you’ll get. Momentum is building because others see that.
  6. Links create leadership over time – and more votes you have, the better you are off – hard to to compete with and will take competitors a longer time to catch up (if ever)

Review more details via this “how to build links to your website” (Wordtracker, Ken McGaffin)

What else are we missing here?  What can you add?


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