Strategies to develop online marketing campaigns generated by bright minds in marketing is not missed.

Examples range from viral campaigns, videos, infographics, email campaigns, specialized tools, news, books to articles that break through the clutter and is meant to inspire, help and make you think. It really can work magic for a business, and when combined with online marketing.

Cause marketing can be one of these. Non-profits use this all the time. Are you familiar with the concept? While some organizations exist solely praying on the human goodness of giving, this post is about real stories of companies that leverage smart business, marketing and social media.

In this post, we’ll look at some examples, and ideas you might generate for your own business. Plus, get the free guide to successful online campaigns and cause marketing.

The thing we as humans want the most (really) is to “matter”. The idea of having loved, lived and mattered gives us hope, life and health. Simply put: if you at the end of your life knew that you had contributed (size doesn’t matter), and been able to share and give back, you’d probably have a pretty fulfilled life. This would be your most important consideration. Not money. Funny how that works, right?

However, if you can make money while you’re here – and then, at the same time – give money back – you’ll have the ultimate life-balance effect. Nature works the same way.

In developing a cause marketing campaign, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • What are your goals in the cause marketing campaign?
  • How will the campaign affect charities and create advocates?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the primary action you want them to take?
  • Do you have an online community already built? Planning to? (you should/must)
  • Can the cause marketing program be sold to your executives? (in-house)

These are just a few of questions. There are many more, like:

  • How do you frame the campaign using social media?
  • How do you get people to act? (broadly)
  • How can you build on momentum?
  • How do you handle disasters? (they will happen!)

As you look at this – it appears as if it’s a pure social media strategy session. And, you are right! You must listen, share & care – and with cause marketing – more than ever. You are dealing with matters of the heart. It gets very personal. It’s a social good media campaign.

“What is a Social Good Campaign? A Social Good Campaign is a form of cause marketing in which companies partner with causes and consumers to achieve social good. A campaign can take a wide variety of forms, with online and offline components, ranging from contests, giveaways, fundraising drives and events to benefit communities.  With the rise of social media, most campaigns now include a Facebook, Twitter or other online community feature.” – Network for Good

Cause Marketing Social Media examples:

There is something called the “Corporate Social Responsibility”. As it grows, organizations will continue to leverage cause marketing initiatives to meet new, triple bottom line demands and create a halo effect for brands.  The potential for online social good campaigns to achieve real impact – both in terms of return on marketing spend and return on social good – remains high, if companies are thoughtful and strategic in how they structure their cause marketing programs.



Here are my marketing causes that I respect and give to. What are yours?


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