My team and I will help you get placed in Google, Bing & Yahoo. And, we’ll get you listed in the top listings, drive traffic and help with your lead flow. This works for attracting customers, clients, patients to your local business.

Watch a free local search engine optimization webinar that I did a little while ago:


If you’d like, review the local SEO packages below:

“Gold” – the “Local Listings Launch”. In most niches this list of actions will propel you into the top 15 if not higher. Depending on how quick the site jumps we can find out how much work would be required to continue to push you forward.

“Silver” – the “Local Site/Listings Makeover”. This package optimizes both the website and the local listing creating two different strategies, local and organic. This will allow the website to start ranking for your niches in the Search Engines organic or natural listings, and also have your business page show up in all of the top Business Listings.

“Platinum” – this combines “Silver” with advanced link building. This selection is all about ‘exposure’. In addition to your site and local business listings be optimized and ranking, you will also have other listings, videos, citations, press releases and etc., all helping to increase your traffic and rankings. The post card feature will help integrate local customers with your online business and obtain online raving fans.

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Feedback from the team’s efforts:

“As a small business owner, I now have a complete understanding of the concepts to achieve high rankings for my company in Google Local Search.” – Mark Rodger

“These folks are very knowledgeable about current local and national SEO Internet Marketing trends and provided great services for improving our rankings.” – Thomas Ballantyne

“This is one of the brightest, most analytic teams I know in the field of local SEO. I have worked with them on several LARGE SEO projects, local and national, and this partnership has been instrumental in achieving high rankings for even the most difficult keywords and niches.” – Bill Parlaman & Radical Marketing Solutions

“This team has put me on the map, literally! When I landed on the first page for Google searches my phone started ringing off the hook. They’ve made a measurable difference to my bottom line and have delivered on every promise they made me. I can’t imagine going back to the way things were.” – Francisco Flores, Farmers Insurance Agent

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These packages are based “best practices” and “most common expectations”. Pricing may vary depending on speed, levels of competitiveness and length of term. Either way, you can cancel anytime after 60 days. No long term contracts.