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direct mail marketing success steps
What should I do on my first steps to direct mail success?

Today – and in this final installment, we’ll see how to get your marketing pieces mailed (postcard specific example) and tracked. You’ll see what a typical offline to online direct mail marketing funnel might look like.

You can start and even grow this starting small. You don’t have to have big budgets. I know small businesses can be cash-strapped and work with less marketing money than they’d like.

And, away we go… the direct marketing mountain top is yours to take!

“Reported in 2013 as the marketing channel that “delivers the best ROI for customer acquisition and retention” by Target Marketing’s Seventh Annual Media Usage Forecast survey of B2C, direct mail is surprisingly outdated and under-represented on the marketing bookshelves for small business owners”
– Dan Kennedy, expert copywriter, author and master marketer


Tracking is important, so you can see what’s working and not. Expect your first mailing to be exactly that…the “first”. You’ll learn from it, and can tune/tweak for the next one. You’ll learn how a code is used and how important it is to track online activity as well (web analytics).


What if I don’t have much money?

You can start small and test it. Target a small regional area, get that list together and send it out. And, don’t just do one mailing. Most people need to see your message several times before taking action.


What days are best?

Some markets may enjoy a Saturday mailing more than, say a Tuesday. You have to test this. But, many will push their mailing out towards the weekend, such that it arrives 2nd or 3rd day in the following week.


How many to mail?

You can start with 200 or 300, 500 – that’s fine. Start small, and build it out. A regional mailing with 200-300 pieces works. But, remember – start with your own list, that’s a gold-mine waiting to be dug into.


A common sequence when using postcard marketing is shown below:

Step 1:EDDM-Every-Door Direct Mail Image

After you’ve developed your sales copy, make sure to have both an online and offline version of it. One for the website, a page – and one for the post card.  For the web page, make sure to add web analytics (Google Universal Analytics) capture first name, last name, email + a the special code from the postcard (you ask them to enter this). It’s a code you designate for each card sent. For the website page — you may have heard the term squeeze page or landing page. It’s where your offer is presented online when they type that URL/web address from the postcard to get to the page. This is where you have added the form fields for capture. (Added benefit to this model: you’ll NEVER get a Google slap!)

Step 2:

When a visitor hits the Submit button from the page, they’ll get a “Thank you page”. Make sure to verify their full address information and offer to send a free CD, DVD or special printed report. They only pay for shipping. You can test by adding a special PDF download directly (instant access), but “up sell” the CD/DVD option. Now you have their credit card as well as the correct address information. As you continue to build that relationship, it’ll be easier to sell more because:

a) you are building trust,

b) you are creating a connection and

c) the credit card is already on file, which makes it easy to confirm their next purchase from you.

The CD/DVD options are good, but you might also show a complete report as mentioned, or perhaps a streaming video / live access to an event you’re hosting. Perhaps a special discount or access code to a webinar.

With so many distractions today, creating a ‘vacuum’ for consumption of your information can be a BIG differentiator.

You know that video is a highly consumable medium today (FACT: YouTube gets 1 billion searches per day – more than Facebook, Twitter or Bing – https://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html),but don’t forget the power and use of audio and podcasts. Many folks love to listen to your voice and information while driving. It’s like their functional, mobile university of learning!

Step 3:what next - direct mail marketing

Continue to ask questions, provide helpful information, reports and videos. Connect with your buyers and prospects and be personal. Create an exclusive membership or preferred VIP access area that you can offer on a monthly, yearly basis – in exchange for payment – and helping to build your community (tribe).


Did you enjoy the 3-part direct marketing with mail series?

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