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A few things happen along the Internet timeline that changes the game.

Today is such a day. Especially for local business opportunities and the growing mobile population. (Hey, biz owners: are you listening?)

Introducing Facebook Deals.

You are hopefully already familiar with Facebook Places (no, not Google Places).
With Facebook places already set up, you can tell your friends about your place/location when you check-in.

And – NOW: you get can get deals from these places, and share them with friends.

Here’s what to do:

You download the latest Facebook App (updated today). When touching “check-in” you’ll see a list of places. (You may need to open the “places” link first). The list now has a yellow or green ticket next to the establishment or listing.

Touch the ticket, and you’ll see the deal. Once you check in, you can claim that deal. Just follow the instructions.
There are 4 deal structures in Facebook deals right now.

They are:

1. Individual
– Traditional rewards, merchandise
– Example: you visit a coffee shop, check-in, and get a discount, or free donut with coffee

2. Friend
– A number of friends to share in the deal
– Example: you go to concert with 4 friends. You call check-in, and get a free t-shirt. All friends must be present.

3. Loyalty
– Require multiple check-ins over time, like a regular rewards program
– Example: You visit Barnes & Noble, and after 5 visits you get a free coupon, or free download

4. Charity
– Set up donation to your favority charity
– Example: When you check-in, you donate $1.00 to a cause each time.

These deals will be also shared on your Facebook profile and in the news feeds. It’s a great way to find out about new deals, and what your friends are getting.

Visit for more – and get started with deals! (businesses should register also)

This is a game changer. Foursquare, Gowalla – what are you thinking now? This is the big (bad) wolf taking a massive chunk out of your pie, actually molesting it permanently.

Cash in when you can (Dennis, take the money! You’re awesome anyway…).


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