This presentation is for you if you are a business owner and marketer, and want to sell products and services online.

Do you make these mistakes in your ____ business? Insert your business here.

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I made that actually blank here because I see this across of multitudes of businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a florist down the street or if you’re a huge corporate B2B or B2C firm or entity. These mistakes apply across the board, as you’ll see here in just a second. Now I urge you to stay until the end because I have something very exciting for you.

In fact, it’s a big bonus.

I hope you like it. Stay tuned.

– 1 –

The first one: is unique selling proposition, USP. (Unique Selling Proposition)

Really it gets to this: Why is your business more valuable than the other guys?

Why should they be doing business with you? What value and offers do you bring that is totally unique and different. Again, this is a short video. I’m going to provide overviews of the top mistakes. As you can see here, this is a very important first step.

If you don’t stand out and if you’re not uniquely different, and don’t provide a different value or unique value to your marketplace, you’re failing on the first one. This is very common, by the way.

– 2 –

Number two: no clear, definable market. Here’s the thing.

Who do you invite in and who do you turn away? The idea that you actually have a filter for the ones you don’t need or want is fantastic.

You want that. Most don’t. They just take anybody, right?

Dominate a smaller market or niche instead and service them well. Just to repeat, you can’t be everything to everyone. Start with this. Who are your best clients? Think about going after that market.

– 3 –

Number three: no active lead generation plan or system. Let me ask you this:

How often do you get a call and the person on the other end has a credit card ready and they want to buy? Not too often.

Let’s get that moved forward to a daily request.

The way you use this and the way you create this is having a system that generates those leads and requests every day. In order to do this you need to think direct response and targeting of message to market.

– 4 –

Number four: going straight for the sale! I see this all the time.

The picture here is of course the pushy salesman or saleswoman.

You certainly have that image in your head. Somebody clicks an ad and you ask directly for the purchase pushing your product. Think instead of the dating world. You want to be entertained.

You want to be informative, educational, charming. That whole charming process.

– 5 –

Number five, big one here: lacking follow-up. You’ve heard this before.

How many times must they see your message to engage, and to purchase, or to take action? Seven!

That’s based on research. Recent studies show that 80% of sales take place between five and 12 contacts, and even beyond that in our research.

My question is, do you have a nurturing system in place?

– 6 –

Number six: lacking clarity on your CLTV…. LTV stands for (CUSTOMER) lifetime value. Now the first thing we look at here is number of leads. How many are you getting over time, over periods, days, weeks, months, etc.?

What are the percent conversion factors into customers or clients from those leads? That’s actually bottom line sales after …

You obviously have a deeper model here which gets into ROI after all your costs. We’re not going to show that here.

Really, the question here, this is a big one: How much is the average customer worth to your business and over what time?

– 7 –

Number seven: thinking that the work will speak for itself.

This is a scary fantasy that too many business owners engage in. It’s more than treating your customers or clients right, by the way.

In fact, Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams movie, the whole notion that “build it and they will come.”

That whole thing? It’s a myth.

I hope that these seven mistakes really spoke to you and made you think.

Because, in fact, these are extremely common.

Of course the question here is what should you do next.

What could you do next?

Certainly you can search further for information around these on Google or search engines and otherwise.

You can start asking into your network, favors to get help on this, check with partners, more resources, and start this strategy and begin the strategizing, really, yourself if you’re a solo-preneur, and/or start building with your team and start creating solutions around this yourself.

Or you can look at this pretty guy here 🙂

Do you make these mistakes in your online business? (video)

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Really, it’s all about this.

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Hope this was useful.

I certainly enjoyed making it for you.

Take care.


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