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Last week, I read a marketing letter from Perry Marshall, a “guru” online marketer with a big following. His well-known Free 5-Day Adwords (aff) course has kick-started many businesses online.

In this letter, a guy asked “how to make money online?”, “is making money online really possible?”, and “I have tried everything (including many MLM programs) – but it doesn’t seem to work”. Sounds like another frustrated and most likely scammed victim of “money making secrets revealed” programs to me…

If you are asking similar questions, then it may be time to read what follows. (Notice: What follows may be somewhat technical, but you can learn too).

The owner of the money making website, is not formally educated in the United States, and not well versed in the American/English culture and language, but managed to go from nothing to over $10,000 dollars in a very short period.

After reading this post, decide on what goals & objectives exist for you. Think about what can I offer (content/message-wise), then put a monthly number next to it. For example, you may want to earn $200/month to start. Be realistic, and build over time. Of course, none of the below works without traffic to your site. Read my blog and articles on Entrepreneur Online for more on how to do that.

Before downloading the whitepaper, review top 10 ways ways to earn money online:

  1. Blog networks – join with other more prominent blogs to write entries or swap posts/articles – for money and/or visibility.
  2. Adsense (if done right) is the first place to start for making money online, often followed by BlogAds.
  3. Joining affiliate programs can be a good choice, and many are using Amazon, ClickBank & Commission Junction.
  4. Business Blog Writing – Make yourself available as a writer, and get people to hire you to write business blogs. Sign up for Elance to start.
  5. Use Google’s BlogSearch and find other blogs similar to your niche and study them. See what advertising exists, content and themes.
  6. Check often and read copyblogger and problogger and learn from others who are doing well making money with blogs.
  7. Consider joining blog carnivals – find out more here. (I haven’t actually tried this, but it seems really cool. See an example.)
  8. Pay per click Chitika eMiniMalls ads – you’ll see them on many professional blogs.
  9. Get yourself a domain and host it with a reputable firm (Godaddy.com). Blogger.com may be fine for a while, but not for serious online business.
  10. Track all activities on your blog from Analytics (google, feedburner, getclicky – all free) and user behavior via crazyegg.com (heatmaps)

The key to remember is that unlike the poor soul in the email to Perry, you must realize that as you move from an “outsider” (newbie) to an “insider” (authority) – it is continuous learning, implementation and testing of your online systems that will get you the bigger dollars and opportunities.

While affiliate marketing may be for you – information products via clickbank.com for example, you should consider developing a specialized niche for yourself, creating a product or service that is not “common” and that you are passionate about. Try to differentiate enough in your niche to where you create “insider” mentality and information for yourself. People will follow and don’t rely on others to do it for you.

As a quick example, no more than a year ago, I was creating detailed analysis for businesses online for less than a thousand dollars. These enhanced analyses now range anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 onetime, depending on detail/options.

You can download the entire complimentary paper by signing up here, or download it directly here (1.8mg PDF).


Recently, websites (yes, blogs too) have come into question by Google. They re-ranked pages/sites based on bought links that seemed “spammy”. Make sure your content has something to say, provides good quality content and don’t “overdo” anything and keep your link building in check and naturally.


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