be proud, be awesome, never underestimate selfIn sales (and in life in general), the biggest opponent to success is…. FEAR.

The fear of what other people will think about you, say about you – or don’t say about you.

I discovered over the years that the times I found myself “stalling”, coming up with “excuses”, and not being “motivated” when dealing with growing a business, or otherwise – it’s been out this nasty fear.

The little voice in your head that says you’re not good enough. Now, I’m not talking about fear from going into actual (war) battle – but it’s (feels like) close.

What do I mean?

Sales – people you meet.

I have met and worked with top of the crop sales people. Folks who have sold millions of dollars of products and services over the years.

Interestingly enough, many of these come from large sales organizations. As the years went by, I realized that they could somehow “hide” behind their desk/phone, or within a larger team that didn’t make them necessarily directly accountable, or responsible. Inflated resumes were impressive, but I learned why later.

I’m not saying that the didn’t have skills… but, it became very apparent after time rolled by – they didn’t have what it takes to succeed as a business owner.

Sales – processing.

They were masters at process – putting together sales frameworks, infrastructure with ease. They’d set up, coordinate and run meetings with strong agendas and sales (software) applications and killer reporting. And, tracking sales numbers, from hot to cold prospects, delivering pipeline management systems that any organization would be proud of – but missing one key ingredient: actual sales (closed sales, to be specific).

Sales People – Born or Made?

They say that an excellent sales-person is born, not made.

I couldn’t disagree further. You must learn it, it never stops. It starts and stops with your internal tools (your mind).

Sales – mindset.

Your genes have nothing to do with it. However, your mindset and how you deal with that little voice between your ears has everything to do with it. Sure, one should go to seminars and take courses on sales techniques, objection handling and more – but, if you don’t address your inner game (thoughts, beliefs) first – and know how to deal with it on a daily basis, you’ll will NOT break through of the biggest barrier to sales success ever …. FEAR … of what others think about you.

All the external programming that you receive , and that you were (and are) subjected to over the years will have a BIG impact. From friends, teachers, school, jobs, TV, media in general, and much, much more.

So, do yourself a favor. Put on this T-shirt (picture at top) that I “virtually” gave you. It’s yours. Wear it today. Get a cap to match. I’m wearing mine. You are awesome! Start by “programming” yourself with that and similar, positive messages instead, and have a strong team around you that believes the same. Become the new you, and you’ll find that sales and friendships will skyrocket.

Will you do it?


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