Video as a medium is hugely popular, and the visitor growth, and number of minutes watched on YouTube every day is a good example of that.

Rich media engages, and a content marketing strategy without it today – is a missed opportunity (read: don’t be stupid or lazy about it ;-)).

And, if you are building out a site to be THE destination site for videos, TV shows and more, let Google know about it. Build out a video sitemap and include the new tvshow tag to designate television or episodic content.

This will help users quickly find your information, and helps the overall discovery and placement of your videos in the search engine (Google).

What does it look like?

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, owned by Google, and THE place for videos. Sure, you have AOL video, Yahoo, MetaCafe, Bing, Dailymotion – but none like YouTube.

Now, what do you do if you are optimizing videos for your own site? You have to use good filenames, keyword rich titles and include text in the description area, including a link back to your site (place that link first).

new google video sitemap optimization tag for tv

An example of the new video sitemap and tags is shown here to your right.

If you are already using videos, then you should be submitting using the mRSS feeds and Video sitemaps. Now, you can add the TV sitemap tags to the mix.

See more information on the Video Sitemaps for TV Shows here.

Finally – update your knowledge – and find more information about mRSS (a little more complex) and Video Sitemaps (easier) too.

Are you using videos on your site today?


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