It’s a basic question for online success – what are your needs?

We are faced with these questions:

You want:

  1. Massive Traffic (MT) to your website?
  2. Top Rankings (TR) across killer, competitive keywords?
  3. Incredible Conversion rates (CR) and sales from your landing pages?

Which one above is the most important to you?

You’d be amazed to hear what I see most of the time…

But, If you are just coming out with a new website – it may be just traffic you are concerned with. Perhaps you’ve been at it for a bit, and you want to have your website ranked for some keyword phrases, and your in-house SEO guy/gal wants to share “impressive” ranking stats. Or…?

…You are at a point where crappy business revenues and profits are keeping you up at night.

No surprise — the sales metrics and online sales goals should be top priority (option 3)? It’s amazing that I see this last on the list – most of the time!

As noted by John Wanamaker: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Here’s a list of important tips that we put together to make sure you get the highest return on the web visitors you do have.

You can download the guide from the slides:


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